Standing tall in the face of a storm

Resilience is how you weather a storm – a storm that threatens to destroy you, that threatens to break your every fibre. When Cyclone Michuang lashed Chennai in December 2023, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, the city dealt with the crisis with resolute determination. Within weeks, it sprang back to life. Resilience is in its DNA, and it is the reason businesses thrive there. Interestingly, the word Michuang, which was suggested by Myanmar, means strength and resilience.

The resilient strain runs through the Adani Group’s DNA as well. The Group has demonstrated time and again how to stand tall when faced with a crisis. During the cyclonic storm, AdaniConneX Chennai 1 Data Center, located in the SIPCOT IT Park, showed complete readiness in face of extreme challenges.

AdaniConneX believes in helping customers grow and deliver on their commitments. During difficult moments like the recent cyclone, the team demonstrated agility, leadership and camaraderie. Despite power outages in the city, the resilient design of the facility and planning ensured continued power and network availability, resource management, water management and logistics.

EdgeOS enabled real-time communication between global network operations centre (NOC) and the local site. This data center operating system allows clients to manage, monitor and control their assets, operations and footprint from a single pane of glass from anywhere, anytime. It enabled a single source of information across all teams, partners and customers. With the help of the on-premises weather monitoring system and analytics platform, the team could anticipate the emerging challenges and act swiftly.

Chennai is a hub of several trades; over one-third of India’s automobile industry has its base in the Detroit of India. Be it art, architecture, technology or development, this southern metropolis has proved to be an attractive location for businesses to set up shop. Access to a skilled workforce, local suppliers, and a well-developed supply chain ecosystem are added benefits that attract big and small names to this place.

Chennai 1 Data Center is a first-of-its-kind multi-tenant purpose-built facility that opens the door to a global network of data centers, along with access to other metro markets in India. Of its total capacity of 33 MW, 17 MW is operational; the rest will go live in the next phase. It is a network neutral facility that is powered by renewable energy with the aim to deliver a premium customer experience.    

As part of the monsoon preparedness plan, the team carried out preventive maintenance for all critical equipment and conducted specialised training for emergency response. Since safety and well-being of all remains top priority, the team worked closely with local communities and distributed food packets. Collaborative teamwork ensured operational excellence during the crisis.

They were successful because of design expertise, business continuity planning, operational excellence and, most importantly, their culture. Through its state-of-the-art data center, AdaniConneX is committed to the growth of Chennai. Its mission is to help customers scale their digital infrastructure with confidence.

A 50:50 joint venture between Adani Group and EdgeConneX, AdaniConneX is rapidly executing on its plan to deliver 1 GW hyperlocal to hyperscale data center capacity throughout India.