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Chintan Research Foundation: Charting a Course for a Better World

The Indian billionaire known for his contributions to infrastructure development, Gautam Adani, is branching out into the realm of ideas. Adani is set to launch its think-tank project, in New Delhi, marking his first major non-real estate project in the capital.

Consider a country as a large ship sailing the constantly shifting waters of international concerns. In order to successfully navigate, a captain requires a dependable crew and a well-stocked map room. Those map rooms are essentially what think tanks are. They collect and evaluate data, recognise possible risks, and suggest workable solutions. The Chintan Research Foundation is the new think tank that Gautam Adani is launching.

Our new Chintan Research Foundation will address urgent global concerns such as international politics, the energy transition, and climate change when it opens in New Delhi next month. The Adani Group has provided seed money of ₹1 billion (US$12 million) towards the institute’s goal of becoming a “world-class” think-tank.

With Chintan Research Foundation, we wish to stand up not just for India but also the larger ‘Global South’. This is consistent with Prime Minister Modi’s idea of India serving as a model for these nations. It is promised that the foundation will continue to function without Adani’s initial contribution. To guarantee unbiased research, it will have an international advisory board and its own governing structure. In addition to possible outposts in Washington, D.C. and London, the ambitious expansion plans call for branches in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

Imagine ground-breaking research on climate solutions shared across continents, or innovative energy strategies lighting the way for developing nations. Chintan’s impact could be transformative. Buckle up, for this journey holds the potential to reveal a more promising future for everybody.