A Double Celebration for Telangana!

A Double Celebration for Telangana!

As Telangana gears up for its grand Foundation Day celebrations on June 2nd, Adani Group is proud to share the spirit of progress and development. Earlier this year, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, we announced a monumental Rs 12,400 crore investment plan for Telangana. This wasn’t just about big numbers but about forging a future brimming with opportunity for the state and its people.

Imagine a Telangana where:

  • Data centers hum with green energy: Adani ConneX Data Centers’ upcoming 100 MW facility powered by renewables will be a beacon of sustainable technological advancement. Telangana’s budding start-ups and MSMEs will find a strong partner in us, fostering a thriving tech ecosystem.
  • Pumped storage projects store the state’s potential: Adani Green Energy’s investment of over Rs 5,000 crore in two pump storage projects will ensure Telangana’s energy security and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.
  • Ambuja Cements strengthens the foundation for growth: A new 6 MTPA cement plant by Ambuja Cements will create significant employment opportunities and empower Telangana’s infrastructure boom.
  • Adani takes flight with Telangana’s aerospace ambitions: Adani Defence Systems and Technologies’ investment of over Rs 1,000 crore will establish a cutting-edge ecosystem for counter-drone and missile systems research and development. This will bolster India’s defense capabilities and create over 1,000 skilled jobs in Telangana.

These projects are more than bricks and mortar; they represent a promise. A promise to create a Telangana that is:

  • Green: Sustainability is at the core of our vision for Telangana. From data centers powered by clean energy to focusing on green infrastructure, we are committed to a greener future.
  • Skilled: Our projects will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs. We will also work closely with local educational institutions to bridge the skill gap and empower Telangana’s workforce.
  • Thriving: We aim to make Telangana a hub for cutting-edge technologies and industries by fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

As Telangana celebrates its foundation day, let’s celebrate the potential we are jointly unlocking. We at Adani Group are here for the long haul to be a partner in Telangana’s growth story. Together, we can make Telangana a remarkable example of progress and prosperity!