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Adani Electricity

Over the next decade, India’s energy consumption is forecast to increase by more than 40%, with peak demand increasing by over 70%. This increase in demand for electricity will be fuelled by a much larger economy consisting of a growing population with rising incomes and rapidly improving living standards, a larger share of the industrial sector – particularly high-value manufacturing – and an accelerating shift in the mode of transportation choice towards electric vehicles, thereby facilitating quality-of-life imperatives.

The predicted rise in power demand must be reduced and met by a timely development of power generation capacity. As India reaffirms its global climate commitments and advances towards achieving 50% of power generation capacity from non-fossil fuels by 2030, reliable and affordable conventional energy sources become more critical in enabling higher renewable energy penetration. The Adani Group has made significant investments towards this and has received various accolades for 2023.

Let’s look at some of its achievements:

Achievements of ADTPS at the CII National Awards

The Adani- Dahanu Thermal Power Station (ADTPS), which consists of two 250 MW units, is one of the top power-producing plants in the country and began commercial operations in January 1996. This plant has received several honours for its qualities that set it apart from others in terms of technological innovation, better performance, and long-term sustainability. ADTPS is around 120 km north of Mumbai on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad train route.

It is certified for quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety assessment studies, social accountability management, information security management, energy management and accreditation for the ADTPS coal and ash testing laboratory. For fuel, it uses a mix of Indian and foreign coal.

CII 2023 DX Award

Adani Electricity won the prestigious CII 2023 DX Award for Most Innovative Company in the Best Practices category! This honour emphasizes its persistent commitment to innovation and quality. The Group facilitates and monitors the internal financial control process and governance system based on five essential pillars, namely:

  1. Centralised ERP governance mechanism and reporting system
  2. Periodic internal and external evaluations of various processes
  3. Issuing corporate standards and enforcing adherence
  4. Appointment of qualified and reputable statutory auditors for all verticals
  5. Capacity-building programmes to help with controls

With these five pillars, the Group guarantees that all companies across all verticals adhere to the highest governance and reporting standards.

Best Innovative Leadership Development Programme Award by ET HRWorld for A-Marvels program

The Group’s initiatives have helped to shape legislation that provides renewable energy alternatives to customers across India, making it available, affordable and accessible. The overall theme of sustainability, adaptation and climate resilience, which underlies the Adani Group’s long-term growth story, is highlighted in its annual report. It focuses on particular accomplishments, demonstrating overall portfolio development and the advancement of individual firms within the Group.

The Annual Report FY 2022-23 explores the topic of ‘Building a Better Tomorrow’ through the lenses of sustainability, adaptation, climate resilience and community development. Through these, the Group has established itself as a pioneer in driving change and building a brighter future for its stakeholders.

AEML receives OHSSAI award for HSE Excellence and Sustainability

In a national competition organized by OHSSAI and attended by significant firms from all sectors, the OHSSAI, AEML, won the prestigious GOLD medal in February 2023. The Group strives for excellence, innovation and long-term growth; assisting India in meeting its energy demands while avoiding environmental effects is a critical task.

AEML’s environmental projects attempt to reduce the risks of deteriorating landscapes and turn them into more fruitful, greener patches of land. An example is the revitalization of environmentally fragile places like Mundra, where they have protected and expanded mangrove afforestation. The Adani Group was the first power business in India to use supercritical technology to cut CO2 emissions