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Mundra Port Break Cargo Handling Records

Milestones in the realm of maritime trade and logistics are sometimes gauged by the sheer amount of Cargo that ports handle. Mundra Port, situated on India’s west coast, recently celebrated one outstanding accomplishment. This bustling and strategically significant port handled an incredible 16.1 million metric tons (MMT) of Cargo in October, breaking previous records. This achievement is evidence of Mundra Port’s effectiveness and vital role in promoting global trade.

Breaking Down the Record

The flagship port of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd. (APSEZ), Mundra Port, broke all previous records in October by moving 16.1 million metric tons (MMT) of Cargo—the most ever handled by any port in India.

The largest port in the nation, Mundra Port, surpassed the record of 231 days set last year by crossing the 100 MMT threshold in 210 days, according to a statement from APSEZ. The statement said that Mundra had double-digit growth in containers (+10%) and liquids and gas (+14%) year-on-year.

Another significant accomplishment was handling 4.2 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units) in only 203 days, compared to 225 days in the preceding fiscal year. According to the announcement, it expanded its range to include new cargo categories such as Hydrolysis Pi Gas (HPG).

Year to date (YTD) has serviced over 11,500 rakes and parked over 2,480 ships. The announcement states that the port plans to reach a 200 MMT milestone in cargo volumes in FY25. Mundra Port has the capacity to maintain a deep draft, making it suitable for handling big ships.

In the future, Mundra Port hopes to surpass the noteworthy benchmark of 200 MMT in cargo volumes by the end of the fiscal year 25. The port’s capacity to sustain a deep draft makes it a hub fit for managing big ships. MV MSC Hamburg, one of the biggest ships ever, was successfully berthed in Mundra Port in July 2023. Measuring 399 meters in length and 54 meters in breadth, the ship can transport 15,908 TEUs and has a reported draft of 12 meters.

Types of Cargo Mundra Handles

It’s important to fully comprehend the kinds of cargo Mundra Port handles to appreciate its accomplishment’s significance. The port’s adaptability and capacity to serve various industries, including industry, agriculture, energy, and more, are demonstrated by its variety of goods.

Containerized Cargo is an essential part of Mundra Port’s business, which covers anything from apparel to electronics. It facilitates the easy movement of commodities to and from international markets, bolstering India’s expanding import and export industry.

Bulk Cargo, coal, grain, and mineral bulk Cargo comprise a sizable portion of the port’s operations. India’s power-generating, agriculture, and industrial sectors depend on Mundra Port’s expertise in handling bulk Cargo.

Liquid Cargo, which comprises chemicals and petroleum products, is essential to the nation’s ability to meet its industrial and energy demands. Mundra Port’s effective management of liquid Cargo supports India’s industrial development and energy security.

The Future of Mundra Port

The accomplishment of Mundra Port in October indicates a dedication to steady expansion and advancement. The port has added additional berths and cutting-edge machinery and made significant investments in enlarging its infrastructure. Mundra Port‘s commitment to improvement is evidence of its potential contribution to India’s economic growth in the future.

Given India’s ambition to become a worldwide center for trade and manufacturing, it is impossible to overestimate the significance of effective ports like Mundra. Mundra Port’s unparalleled capabilities position it to meet the constantly expanding trade demands and enhance India’s standing in the international arena.


In addition to being a tremendous accomplishment for the port, Mundra Port’s record-breaking cargo output in October 2023 marks an important turning point in India’s development, becoming a major economic force globally. Mundra Port will continue to be an essential component of India’s trade and commerce as it grows and innovates, enabling the flow of products that fuel its development. This unprecedented success is evidence of the port’s abilities and unwavering dedication to quality.