Decoding Adani Wilmar A Deep Dive into India’s Edible Oil Giant

Decoding Adani Wilmar

Adani Wilmar’s vision is to be an established agricultural business company dedicated to delivering safe, nutritious and high-quality agricultural commodities and food through innovation, the highest standards of social governance, environmental customs and the development of livelihoods in areas in which it operates.

A brief about Adani Wilmar

As one of India’s few sizable FMCG food firms, Adani Wilmar provides most of the essential kitchen necessities, such as rice, pulses, sugar, wheat flour and edible oil. Its products are available at various pricing points and under numerous brands, serving all clientele.

It is a joint venture that was established in January 1999 by the Adani Group, a multinational, diversified business group with substantial holdings in the energy, utility, transportation and logistics sectors, and the Wilmar Group, one of Asia’s top agribusiness groups that, as of February 2021, was among the biggest listed companies on the Singapore Exchange by market capitalisation. 

The Adani Group’s profound comprehension of regional markets, vast experience in domestic trade and sophisticated logistics network in India gives a competitive edge to Adani Wilmar. It also uses the Wilmar Group’s technical know-how and worldwide sourcing prowess.

A culinary confluence of quality, innovation and global excellence in FMCG

Among India’s leading FMCG food firms, Adani Wilmar sets itself apart by providing a wide array of basic kitchen necessities to Indian consumers. It offers a one-stop shop for all culinary needs.  

The mainstay brand ‘Fortune’, recognised as India’s top edible oil brand, is at the centre of its success. Fortune is the nation’s most popular edible oil brand, a testament to its excellent quality and vast appeal. This recognition confirms Adani Wilmar’s status as one of India’s fastest-growing packaged food companies, demonstrating the company’s constant dedication to providing customers with excellence.

Adani Wilmar is a critical player in guaranteeing a consistent and varied supply of vital cooking oils because it is India’s largest importer of crude edible oil. With a planned capacity of about 5,000 metric tonnes per day, the Mundra plant is one of India’s biggest single-location refineries. This enormous infrastructure demonstrates the company’s dedication to high-quality refining procedures and satisfying the country’s growing demand for edible oils.

In addition to producing edible oils, Adani Wilmar is India’s biggest producer of lauric fat. The company is also proud to be the biggest producer of castor oil in the nation, and also significantly impacts the oleochemical industry.

Adani Wilmar has cemented its position worldwide by being recognised as the leading exporter of castor oil and its derivatives. Being one of India’s biggest exporters of oleochemicals, the company’s global reach transcends national boundaries, demonstrating its strength in the worldwide market.

Adani Wilmar has demonstrated its constant commitment to quality, growth and global excellence via its multifaceted successes, which include dominating the edible oil market with the Fortune brand and being a major distributor of critical kitchen goods. The company is positioned as a significant player in India’s FMCG sector with a good trajectory for long-term success due to its broad presence across several aspects of the food industry.

Awards and accolades

  • Digixx Awards 2022: Pet Pujo and Rath Yatra Pratispardha, two of Fortune’s digital campaigns, took home gold and silver awards, respectively.
  • Fortune received the Brand of the Year Award from Team Marksmen. Adani Wilmar won the Warehouse & Supply Chain Leadership Award 2022 from Krypton for Best Use of Technology in Logistics.
  • Fortune SuPoshan won CSR Project of the Year at the 8th CSR Impact Awards on November 15, 2022, which CSRBOX hosted with assistance from the Dalmia Bharat Foundation.
  • Adani Wilmar received the Dainik Jagran Group’s Best Agri Tech Company Award at the 2nd Naya Bharat Business Conclave & Awards.
  • Adani Wilmar received the Dainik Jagran Group’s Emerging Company of the Year Award at the 2nd Naya Bharat Business Conclave & Awards.
  • Xpert Total Balance Oil won the Chandelier FMCG Awards 2022’s Product Launch of the Year.
  • Adani Wilmar received the Social Impact Award from CSR Universe in the Health & Sanitation category.
  • Letter of Appreciation from the Confederation of Indian Industry for Excellence in Best Practices in Handling Plastics and Packaging Wastes under EPR at the 3R Awards.
  • Adani Wilmar received the Quantic India Award for Best Company Innovation in SCM (FMCG) at the Third Annual Warehouse & Logistics Excellence Awards 2022.
  • Fortune was named the Customer Favorite Brand by Blinkit at the 2022 Brand Awards after being the most-ordered brand on the platform between April and October.

Manufacturing facilities

Adani Wilmar currently operates 23 factories across 10 states. Additionally, as of March 31, 2021, it used 28 tolling units throughout India to meet surplus demand and guarantee its presence at various sites close to its customers.


Our motivation as we peel back the layers of Adani Wilmar comes from a vision for the future: An idea that includes social responsibility, environmental care and economic progress. The story of Adani Wilmar is a tribute to the strength of teamwork, creativity and an unwavering dedication to improving lives and advancing society. Adani Wilmar leaves a lasting impression on the Indian agriculture scene with every product it produces, every project it takes on, and every footprint it leaves behind.