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Building A Water-Wise Future

Since water makes up about 70% of our planet, it is natural to assume that it will always be abundant. But freshwater, which we use to drink, bathe, and irrigate our farms, is extremely scarce. Freshwater makes up just 3% of the world’s total water, and two-thirds of it is hidden beneath frozen glaciers or is otherwise unusable.

Because of this, 1.1 billion people globally do not have access to clean water, and 2.7 billion experience water scarcity for at least one month of the year. For 2.4 billion people, inadequate sanitation poses a problem as well since it exposes them to water-borne illnesses like cholera and typhoid fever.

The fact that water is necessary for life on Earth makes it a valuable resource. It is utilised in both industrial and home settings for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and irrigation. In addition, the production of food and energy, the wellbeing of ecosystems, and human survival all depend on water. Additionally, it is the vital connection between the environment and civilization, providing the framework for both climate change adaptation and sustainable growth.

The sad part is aquifers, rivers, and lakes are drying up or being too contaminated to be used. Over 50% of the wetlands on Earth have vanished. Numerous water systems that support vibrant ecosystems and provide food for an expanding human population are under stress. More water is used in agriculture than in any other sector, and a large portion of that is wasted due to inefficiencies.

The Adani Group has chosen to concentrate on this sector in light of the nation’s acute need for increased capacity in the water infrastructure. By accepting the coveted Prayagraj wastewater treatment, recycling, and reuse project under the National Mission for Clean Ganga Framework, the Group has already taken a significant step forward.

Water continues to be essential to our efforts for sustainable development. As worries about the availability and supply of water resources increase, policymakers are concentrating on infrastructure initiatives that support water resource conservation. We plan to construct new sewage treatment plants (STPs) and renovate the ones that already exist. In addition, we pay close attention to changes in the fields of large-scale water supply and distribution projects, desalination projects, and irrigation infrastructure development to generate potable water for domestic or commercial use.

Furthermore, the Group will investigate opportunities in the desalination water space, where projects for the desalination of seawater and brackish water shall be taken up to produce potable water for the general public and industrial purposes.

Let’s all do our bit to ensure a water-wise future. Remember that every drop counts!