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Adani’s Journey Towards Reforming India with Its Educational Initiatives

The Adani Group believes in education for all. The CSR initiatives of the business group involve providing quality education to children belonging to backward communities. The Adani Foundation has been offering holistic learning to students deprived of quality education. It has also made education affordable to as many children as possible.

Over the years, the Adani Foundation has been offering free education to over 3,000 students in its four Adani Vidya Mandir schools. It has subsidised education for over 24,000 students in 29 schools. The foundation reaches out to around 1,13,000 students of 552 government schools through its educational initiatives. The Adani Foundation also uses smart technology to ensure that education is offered to all.

There are multiple ventures taken up by the conglomerate in the field of education. Let us have a look these ventures:

Adani Vidya Mandir

Adani Vidya Mandir is one of the biggest endeavours taken up by the Adani Group to offer education to children with economic disadvantages. The schools are located in Ahmedabad, Bhadreshwar, Surguja, and Krishnapatnam. They reflect the Adani Foundation’s commitment towards benefiting underprivileged sections of society. The schools offer students an education that is a perfect blend of traditional values and modern technology.

The schools are spread across three different states and accommodate around 3,000 students. The number of schools operating under Adani Vidya Mandir is expected to increase over the years.


It is an online education initiative meant to help students of rural areas of Godda district in Jharkhand. The initiative was taken up in collaboration with the Godda district administration and Eckovation Private Limited. It is aimed at offering cutting-edge interactive curriculum to students through smart classrooms.

The Gyanodaya project has been able to successfully bring down dropout rates of students in Godda district. Over 316 smart classrooms are operating under the project. The classrooms focus on contextualised learning. Over 80,000 students are a part of this initiative. The operations were active even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


This initiative aims to improve numeracy and foundation literacy among students by adopting various government primary schools and focusing on enabling their holistic development. A Utthan Sahayak, who acts as a facilitator, is appointed in each of the schools. The project is meant to make the process of learning joyful by offering the desired resources to students.

Utthan focuses on transforming government primary schools for the better so that they become a primary choice of schools for parents from lower middle-class families. The schools also train selected students for JNV entrance examinations and NMMS scholarships. Currently, the project is operational in around 236 schools in 3 states. The schools have been offering education to around 32,000 students. Over 170 Utthan Sahayaks have been appointed for the schools.

Adani Schools

Here are some schools operating under the Adani Group:

Adani Public School:

The Adani Public School at Mundra is a CBSE-affiliated English medium school. It is the first school in Saurashtra and the Kutch region to offer quality education to students free of cost.

Adani Vidyalaya:

Adani Vidyalayas offer education to students in the remote communities of Tiroda in Maharashtra and Kawai in Rajasthan. The schools have attracted the attention of students from different communities in Rajasthan.

Navchetan Vidyalaya:

It is situated in Hazira, Gujarat. It facilitates education among the regional populace. The school provides free academic materials and food to students from backward communities.

Adani DAV Public School:

Adani DAV Public School offers education to students of Bhadrak district of Odisha. It offers an international standard of education and is closely monitored by the Adani Foundation.

ACC Schools:

All 16 ACC school areas are situated around ACC plants. They offer education to kids of ACC plant staff and local communities. The schools are equipped with highly advanced facilities.

Ambuja Niketan Schools:

There are 5 Ambuja Niketan schools that the Adani Group manages. They offer education to the employees of Ambuja Cement plants and the local communities as well.

The Adani Group plans to come up with more such initiatives. They will not only make education available to all but will also increase the literacy rate in the country. To learn more about the educational ventures undertaken by the Adani Group, keep following us!